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O Canada, We stood on guard…

Watch the following video released a couple of days ago. I’m padre for the local Royal Canadian Legion. I talk to veterans old and young. I talk with those who are diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and with those who probably should have been diagnosed with it. I hear of the images they […]

Rebuilding is a Challenge

I don’t think I’ve come across anyone who doesn’t think the strengthening our local businesses and fostering entrepreneurship will not help boost the local Cape Breton economy. From what I’ve heard in regards to a report released this week from the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia, it’s got people talking again about the needs of […]

Nova Scotia Election 2013: And Away We Go!

Finally, after months of speculation and a week where the moment seemed it could be any second we have entered into a provincial election. The question now is, what’s going to happen? Will there be excessive mud-slinging? Probably. But in NS those antics rarely pay off. Will there be promises? Of course! Will there be […]

Just Say “No”

No! I was told over and over again that drugs were bad and to just say “no” if I was ever offered any. I had my chances. I was around drugs at parties and friend’s houses, particularly when I was in university. But I never took any. I didn’t see the benefit, and I didn’t […]

The Value of an Education

The first day of school is just around the corner. And it appears as though our education system is attempting to save money. They are squeezing everywhere they can. But sometimes (many times) they squeeze too hard or in the wrong places. Sometime over the last year the Department of Education decided it would centralize […]

Reboot. Escape. Discover… sometimes…

Parks Canada has it right on the front of their website. Reboot. Escape. Discover. But it appears you can only do these things when they want you to. Over the last two years Parks Canada parks have had huge cutbacks to their budgets, and it is clearly impacting their operations. In late June I took […]

From the mouths of children

Last night, as my wife was putting our seven year-old to bed, he said to her the following as they discussed the decline of bat and bee populations, “God gave people the earth to take care of, not hurt.” Even my kids get it. It’s that simple. We live in a world where we continually […]

Oh the humanity!

We must put an end to the unending epidemic of collapsing cell towers launching snow and ice at our homes and our safety. This cannot carry on any further! It ends now! Or so some people in North Sydney would have you think… The Cape Breton Post had the following story: North Sydney residents upset […]

More on fear: Attack Ads

Here in Nova Scotia we are approaching an election. This fall maybe? Who knows! But attack ads are in full swing, at least by the NDP government currently in power. They are taking shots at the other leaders with “facts” about how they approach things like job creation and sustainable energy. Not to mention the […]

Science…. shmience

Here in Cape Breton there is a company wishing to build a wind farm. It’s often windy here in Cape Breton, we have lots of land, seems like a good fit. There’s only one problem. Fear! Fear is a powerful tool used by those who either have an agenda of their own or are too […]