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Nova Scotia Election 2013: And Away We Go!

Nova_Scotia_flag_mapFinally, after months of speculation and a week where the moment seemed it could be any second we have entered into a provincial election.

The question now is, what’s going to happen?

Will there be excessive mud-slinging? Probably. But in NS those antics rarely pay off.

Will there be promises? Of course!

Will there be drama? We hope so, to keep things “interesting”!

With the last provincial election, we were voting for three parties that seemed to be unable to distance themselves from each other. And realistically, I think we’re going to get the same this time around.

In a system where parties are trying to be all things for all people we now have 3 political parties that mostly sound the same, especially in Nova Scotia.

Over the next few days, I’m hoping to sit down the the platforms of each of the three main parties and see what they have to say going into this election. Don’t worry, I’ll post my thoughts here.

As we go in, I should set out my position as a member of the community.

I do not publicly endorse any party or candidate. I never have, I doubt I ever will. I am politically engaged, in that I pay attention to what parties say at any time, whether it’s an election campaign or not. And, whoever is elected, I will get to know and be willing to work with this person to better the lives of the people in the community where I live. And I’m not afraid to let the official know if I am displeased, but will only do so personally, taking it public only if other avenues are not successful.

So… I’m going for a ride, one that will likely be all over the political map. I hope you join me for the ride!

Not sure how elections work in Nova Scotia? Check out the Elections Nova Scotia website.


More on fear: Attack Ads

Here in Nova Scotia we are approaching an election. This fall maybe? Who knows!

electionscanadaBut attack ads are in full swing, at least by the NDP government currently in power. They are taking shots at the other leaders with “facts” about how they approach things like job creation and sustainable energy. Not to mention the attacks being thrown at newly minted leader of the Liberal party by the Conservatives at the federal level.

Given my healthy skepticism of anything one political party has to say about another, I don’t believe any of it. It’s another attempt to use fear to cause people to not vote for the other party in hopes that they’ll vote for their own. If one party can throw enough doubt into the minds of voters about the other potential premieres or prime minsters, then they think they’ve done their jobs.

Here’s what I see happening as a result… Record low voter turnout.

So how’s that working for you?

Here’s what I look for when voting. Pay attention because you don’t seem to be getting it…

What are you going to do? 

Seriously, it’s that easy. Just tell me what you are going to do. I’m smart enough to compare it against the other person and decide for myself which I like better. And you know what? So is most of Canada.

So, some simple guidelines to follow, just in case you need it spelled out for you.

  1. Don’t go about trashing the other candidates
  2. Tell me what you are going to do
  3. Let me decide if your platform is strong enough

Do you need anything more than that? I don’t see anything else. This is all I look for, and so do a lot of other I talk to.

Notice how with negative attack ads increasing, voter turnout has dropped. It’s a concept called “cause and effect”. You talk trash, and people don’t care. Seems like a pretty solid connection to me. Americans use attack ads extensively, and their voter turnouts are abysmal. So keep it going if that’s what you want.

The ball is in your court. It’s a pretty simple lob at the net, try not and screw it up!