Oh the humanity!

We must put an end to the unending epidemic of collapsing cell towers launching snow and ice at our homes and our safety. This cannot carry on any further! It ends now!

Or so some people in North Sydney would have you think…

The Cape Breton Post had the following story: North Sydney residents upset cell tower built close to homes

“Should the tower fall, MacLeod believes it could hit his home or any of the two other houses next to it.

Even if the tower doesn’t fall, he fears that debris and even ice could fall from the structure and hit homes or people who frequently walk passed it.”

Funnily enough I drove past this area (you can see it clearly from the highway) and there sure are a lot of trees close to houses in that area. I don’t see a lot of clear cutting to protect themselves from falling trees or debris falling from said trees.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall hearing a lot of news about falling cell towers, but I sure do hear a lot about falling trees causing damage. Remember Hurricane Juan anyone in Nova Scotia? What caused all that damage? Falling towers? No, falling trees caused a LOT of damage.

Can we start to think rationally for a change? If falling ice and towers is our biggest concern, then maybe some research is in order?

Wind power, cell towers, what’s next?