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From the mouths of children

20130722-100216.jpgLast night, as my wife was putting our seven year-old to bed, he said to her the following as they discussed the decline of bat and bee populations, “God gave people the earth to take care of, not hurt.”

Even my kids get it. It’s that simple.

We live in a world where we continually build more coal plants to produce energy. We live in a world where people fight tooth and nail against green energy solutions because they might make a small noise off in the distance.

We live in a beautiful country, but sadly our governments fall to the sins of pride and greed in supporting non-sustainable environmental practices, propping up these industries with hundreds of millions of tax payer’s money, crippling the future for our children.

Sure, maybe in my house we talk about this stuff more with our children, but they’ve figured it out all themselves that we are destroying our planet.

May the words of my son be in your ears this day, and may our politicians hear them as well.

“God gave people the earth to take care of, not hurt.”