Cape Breton CBRM

Science…. shmience

Here in Cape Breton there is a company wishing to build a wind farm. It’s often windy here in Cape Breton, we have lots of land, seems like a good fit.

linganwindThere’s only one problem.


Fear is a powerful tool used by those who either have an agenda of their own or are too lazy to do their own research.

Opponents of the wind farm are citing “stories” of how wind turbines are noisy and affect the health of those nearby the power generating site. Science on the other hand, actual research, has found no such connection. In fact, science has shown that health declines near wind turbines only after the stories of these alleged effects begin to circulate. A reverse placebo effect if you will.

The proposed turbines are going to be placed over one kilometre away from any residences. Locals want that changed to two kilometres which will pretty much banish from the island.

So instead, they’d rather continue with the current strategy of living down wind from the coal burning generator which pollutes their air and creates a whole lot more noise. Try driving to Lingan and stop by the turbines there. Listen. Then drive a little further by the coal burning generator and listen there as well. Notice any difference? I sure did!

Governments are being lobbied. People are being misinformed. All for what?

Can we please stick with facts and think ahead for a greener economy for a change? My kids would appreciate it.